Together we are building the first truly emission-free, CO2-neutral, pan-European energy supplier and thereby creating lasting, sustainable values for all of us!

What does PLAN B do?

PLAN-B is a company that has set itself the task of initiating a sustainable energy transition and enabling private households and companies to become independent of electricity price increases and thus reduce their energy costs.

PLAN-B serves the entire value chain. Project planning, construction and operation of photovoltaic and wind turbines, heat pumps, AI energy control, energy storage solutions and charging infrastructure. And of course also power supply for private and business customers and energy trading. Together with us, Plan-B Net Zero Sales as a sales company, covering the entire value chain is one of the key USPs.


The sun is there for everyone!

Imagine: in the morning the sun rises, you look out the window, the sun is shining and you see the photovoltaic system on your neighbor’s roof and you think to yourself: he did everything right. No more high electricity bills, secure electricity costs for the future and he also earns money from the sun. He’s doing well!

Plan-B Net Zero Sales also gives you the opportunity to earn money with the sun. And not just on one, but on many photovoltaic systems.


A cooperation from which all partners benefit.

As a STG partner, your regular monthly income comes from acquiring customers for PLAN-B in the areas of energy and photovoltaics.

Furthermore, by purchasing electricity vouchers, you can also offer other interested parties the opportunity to use the STG special tariff PLAN-B NET ZERO ENERGY and the price advantage of up to 30%.

In addition, as an STG partner, you can participate in PLAN-B’s electricity production and sales for over 20 years as part of our airtime bonus pool.

You too can benefit from the advantages of the sun and photovoltaics and start into a worry-free future with a secure income. Because the sun shines the same for all of us and for everyone.